Docker Slowed Down My Process By a Factor of 20

Recently I was working to wrap calls to a binary with a webservice. The binary reads input from a file and writes output to another file. It’s a producer-consumer model where the web-service represents the producer and the binary is the consumer. I developed a webservice that coordinates reading and writing to the binary file. Due to the nature of web-services these are multiple simultaneous requests. Its not the smoothest implementation but it works well enough. The binary is designed for batch operation. Give it a large file of input and at rates of approximately 50,000 rows/second it will spit out results in the output file.

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A Visit from an Old Friend

I had an unexpected visit from an old friend this week. Seemingly out of the blue my iPhone battery returned to tolerable. Three weeks I installed the iOS 11gm via the public beta program. Overall I’ve enjoyed Apple’s latest batch of features. Especially on the iPad the new multitasking features help productivity.

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I’ve decided to start writing. I’m going to try blogging as a means of practicing my writing skills. As a quick introduction I’m first and foremost a husband and a father of two. I’m a software engineer mostly focused on Big Data. My passion is almost things generally tech related. Most of my post will be software or technology related. From time to time I envision additional posts about running, coffee, with a little bit about sports thrown in.

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